Case History #1: Questions

1.1  List all the symptoms in this patient's history that may lead you to suspect the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. List all the symptoms and findings in the order of their importance.

1.2 What other conditions can result in generalized white matter disease evident on the MRI?

1.3  What does the presence of oligoclonal bands indicate?

1.4  What medical complication can arise form this neurologic problem?

1.5 What serious medical complication can arise from this neurologic problem?

1.6 What is the most likely anatomical location of the demyelinating plaque that would cause these symptoms? What cranial nerves are most likely affected? Will you expect to see fasciculation or muscle wasting in the areas innervated by these nerves?

1.7 Are the results of these tests indicative of sensory-neural or conductive hearing loss?

1.8 These signs are indicative of problems with what major part of CNS? What other tests would you do to check for integrity of this system?

1.9  How would you perform Romberg's test? What do you test with it?