This page details the controls/functions of Hyper Heart as well as the functions and features of the Flash Player. This page is a reference and reminder of the options available in the animation and can be reached by pushing the HELP button anytime while viewing the animation.
The HELP button will always bring you to this page. Anytime you are confused or have a question about the controls please refer back to this page any time by pressing the button.
The PLAY button simply starts the animation rolling and will loop endlessly, allowing the viewer to watch a complete cardiac cycle multiple times without stopping.
Stops the animation at the exact frame the animation is currently in.
Moves the animation forward ONE frame each time the button is pressed. This button cannot loop the animation back to the first frame so when you reach the end of the cycle you will need to press the RESET button (See RESET button below)
Moves the animation ONE frame backward for each press of the button. Same as the FORWARD button, it cannot loop the animation from the first frame to the last.
When using frame-by-frame viewing, for instance when using the FORWARD or BACK buttons, the animation will not loop, meaning once you have reached either the end or beginning of the cycle repeated use of the button does nothing. Pushing the RESET button will ALWAYS take you to the first frame of the animation (atrial systole).
The Tutorials pop-up menu contains links to the Cardiac Cycle Phase descriptions providing a brief summary of what is occuring in the cycle at particular points in time. Anytime the pointer moves over the TUTORIALS button, the menu appears allowing the user to select any phase tutorial. If something is not selected the menu will remain visible either until something is selected, or the menu is closed by clicking anywhere outside the selections.