to Unzip Neurologic Exam Video Files
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1. Our Neurologic Exam Videos are Zipped...
When you click a download button for either a batch of Neurologic Exam videos or an individual file from our Download Movies Page, you are getting a "zipped" or compressed package. This prevents a movie from accidently trying to be played by an application on your computer, when all you really want is the file to be copied to your computer or device.

What happens next will depend on several factors: which web browser you’re using, how that browser handles .zip files, and how your computer is set up to handle downloads.

Usually any request to download a zipped file will store that file in your computer's "Downloads" folder. Some web browsers may also ask you to specify a folder or directory where you prefer to store your downloaded files.

2. Extract Zipped Neurologic Exam Videos...
Now that you have the .zip file on your local drive or device, you need a software program that allows you to open .zip archives. If you don’t already have a program, you can download for FREE one called StuffIt Expander from SmithMicro using the links listed below. Be sure and download SmithMicro's FREE version of StuffIt Expander. You do not need to purchase their full StuffIt suite of software...

Expander for Windows
Expander for Mac

Sometimes, an error occurs when attempting to unzip a file. Most of the time, just double-clicking a .zip file will launch the extractor. Occassionally, some computers will display an error message. The solution that has worked is as follows:

3. Password Needed to Unzip a Neurologic Exam Video you have Downloaded...
When you "unzip" or extract one of our .zip archive Neurologic Exam video files that you have downloaded, a dialog box appears, asking you to enter a password. Once you enter our password and save the video file, you can play the clip directly from your local hard drive and re-use it (with attribution...see our Creative Commons License) in lectures, PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, quizzes, exams, problem-based learning cases, or multimedia learning objects. We request that you do not re-post our movies to YouTube or other similar video distribution services. Movies that you re-use in your own applications do not have to be password protected. Our password is good for all downloaded Neurologic Exam videos you need to unzip.

To receive our password for Neurologic Exam videos via e-mail, fill out our form (link is directly below). Within 24 hours (usually faster), we will send you a message with the password and a review of our re-use guidelines. Here is the link to the Password Form:


Request the Password to Unzip
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