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The Higgins Method of Nutritional Rehabilitation During Pregnancy

Building a Healthy Baby

Form C : Analysis of Average Daily Amounts of Protein and KCalories using the 7 Day Food Intake Record

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START RECORD:Day Total Ave/Day Protein, gms Kcal 
 1234567       (ave/day) (ave/day) 
Milk, whole (oz):          
Milk, 2 % (oz) :          
Milk, skim / 1% (oz):          
Milk, evaporated (oz) :          
Milk, yogurt (oz) :          
Milk, half & half (oz) :          
Milk, light table cream (oz) :          
Milk, whipping cream (oz) :          
Citrus, Fruits or Juice (NOT "Ades") (sv) :          
Fruit/Juice (sv) :          
Potatoes (sv) :          
Pasta (cooked amount) (sv) :          
Rice (cooked amount) (sv) :          
Vegetables/Salads/Soups/Stews (sv) :          
Breads, (all types) (sv) :          
Cereals, Whole Grain (cooked/uncooked),
  include Shredded Wheat/Granola (sv) :
Cereals, Refined (all varieties) (sv) :          
Butter/Fats , (all types) (sv) :          
Meat/Fish/Liver/Poultry, A.P.,
  (specify amount as purchased) (sv):
Meat/Fish/Liver/Poultry, A.P. 6:1,
  (specify amount as purchased) (sv) :
Meat/Fish/Liver/Poultry, A.P. 5:1:1,
  (specify amount as purchased) (sv) :
Meat/Fish/Liver/Poultry, A.P. lean,
   (specify amount as purchased) (sv) :
Protein Sandwich Fill, (all types) (sv) :          
Egg (sv) :          
Cheese (all kinds) (sv) :          
Cheese, Cottage Cheese (sv) :          
Peanut Butter/Nut/Seeds (sv) :          
Other Protein, Beans (baked) (sv) :          
Other Protein, Legumes (sv) :          
Other Protein, Pizza (part of # inch) (sv) :          
Sugar/Hard Candies (sv) :          
Other Sweets, (sv)
Pastry/Cake/Cookie/Donut/etc. (sv) :          
Milk Dessert, Pudding, Ice Cream (sv) :          
Chocolate Bars (sv) :          
  Soft Drinks, Fruit "Ades", Beer (oz) :
Beverage, Wine(oz) :          
Beverage, Alcohol (oz) :          
Popcorn, Popped (sv) :          
Gravy (sv) :          
Other (sv) :                        
Other (sv) :                        
Other (sv) :                        

            Protein, gms  Kcal 
                          (ave/day)  (ave/day) 


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