1. Birth of
    the baby

  2. Birth of
    the placenta

  3. Local anesthesia for vaginal/
    perineal repair

  4. Repair of the Perineum

Tutorial 2: Birth of the Placenta - Birth of the Problem Placenta During Childbirth

6. Clinical Case

The purpose of the clinical case is to present a problem which can occur during the birth of the placenta. The lessons taught in section 1 through 6 of this Tutorial 2 are illustrated. The learner is able to use his/her own knowledge and judgment in responding to the scenario of an actual case. She/he can then compare their responses to those of a seasoned health care provider. The case explores the question of what might be done to: a. initiate action at the earliest possible time, b. provide management of care appropriate to resolution of the problem and c. initiate effective follow-up care and instruction for the postpartum mother. This case illustrates safe, appropriate management for the nurse-midwife, However, it is recognized that there may be other equally safe and appropriate actions which may be taken. Your own particular circumstances may vary.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Events prior to the birth of the placenta
  3. Events immediately after the birth of the placenta
  4. Procedures for management of third stage hemorrhage due to uterine atony
  5. Procedures for manual removal of the placenta and membranes
  6. Clinical Case
  7. End Note
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