1. Birth of
    the baby

  2. Birth of
    the placenta

  3. Local anesthesia for vaginal/
    perineal repair

  4. Repair of the Perineum

Purpose of the Intrapartum Skills Tutorials:

  The four tutorials in this module are designed to assist graduate students in nurse-midwifery, and other interested health care professionals, to obtain the knowledge and psychomotor skills necessary for effectively achieving the birth of the baby, placenta and membranes, and local anesthesia and repair of an episiotomy and/or vaginal/perineal lacerations. This module does not purport to develop expertise, which should be obtained through appropriate clinical supervision by qualified health care profession preceptors.

You will need to have RealPlayer installed on your computer to view the video clips. If you do not have RealPlayer installed or need an updated version, you can download a free version from the Internet at: RealPlayer Basic download

Click on the links below or on the list on the left to access a tutorial. Tutorials may be studied in any sequence.

  1. Birth of the baby (In preparation)

  2. Birth of the placenta

  3. Local anesthesia for vaginal/perineal repair (In preparation)

  4. Repair of the perineum (Password protected)
    Once you have entered your password for a session, you will be able to move between the four Tutorials without re-entering your password.

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