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The Clifford C. Snyder, M.D. and Mary Snyder Lecture

Sex, Lies and Multimedia: The HIV Virtual Practicum
for Health Professionals

presented by Joseph V. Henderson, M.D.

Dr. Henderson will describe and demonstrate two multimedia CD-ROM programs: Primary Care of the HIV/AIDS Patient, and Preventive Medicine in the Combat Theater. These are but two of the many programs he has developed including pediatric emergencies and breast cancer. Dr. Henderson can be considered a "playwright" in that he carefully scripts his simulated scenes for patient encounters. He pays strict attention to environment and accuracy. Additionally he draws on learning models that are appropriate for complex topics. Schon's "reflective practicum" and Boisot's epistemological space as well as Kolb's learning cycle have influenced him.

Dr. Henderson's programs were originally developed on videodiscs while he was in the military. In 1989 he "retired" from the Navy and USUHS where he was Director of the Center for Interactive Media in Medicine to direct the Interactive Media Lab at Dartmouth where he is also a member of the Departments of Community and Family Medicine and Surgery. He has continued to revise, remodel and create new programs always on the bleeding edge of new technology (explaining his adjunct appointment in the School of Engineering). All of his programs deal with complex topics that are not amenable to standard, fact-based, drill-and-practice approaches; there is an emphasis on decision making, particularly in situations where technical and scientific knowledge must be balanced by less quantifiable kinds of knowledge, such as artistry, intuition and empathy.

Currently he is working at encoding some of his programs in MPEG2 for the next-generation Internet. An advantage of Internet web delivery is that programs can incorporate "smart" interfaces to relevant websites. Smart interfaces can check several sites simultaneously comparing them for content, updates, and verifying the authoritativeness of information presented. Health professional education applications need to be frequently updated and this can be easily accomplished.

Panel Discussion: "How do we integrate material like this
into our curriculum?"

Local panelists will join Dr. Henderson in discussing issues related to integrating multimedia and other materials in the educational and clinical settings. The panel moderator is Wayne Peay.

Panelists are:

Electronic Resources Fair:
Responding to Your Needs

Library staff will be available to answer your questions about access to electronic resources, including Horizon Online Catalog and its web-based counterpart WebPAC; bibliographic and full-text databases such as WinSPIRS and PubMed, the Cochrane Library, Health Reference Center, STAT!Ref, Harrison's Online, and ProQuest; full-text journals from A to Z; web-based interlibrary loan requests, and much more. Learn how to print electronic articles in PDF format from your office computer, download the SilverPlatter client, or initiate an interlibrary loan request from your Web browser.

Digital Video for Web/CD-ROM/DVD-Videodisc: A Reality Check
presented by Paul E. Burrows, M.S.

With every passing day, more people are posting digital video clips to the World Wide Web or transferring clips to CD-ROM or DVD-videodisc. Paul E. Burrows will examine what's real, what's hype, and what you should expect in terms of playback performance. Preparing good digital video will also be discussed. Numerous examples will be used for illustration.

Streaming Video: From Creating to Viewing
presented by Nancy T. Lombardo, M.L.S.

The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library has the equipment necessary to create video content which can be delivered over the Internet. Nancy T. Lombardo will demonstrate the details of developing your own video using the library's video creation studio. Ideas and suggestions for producing your own video modules will be discussed. Plug-ins and software necessary for viewing video will be explained and demonstrated.

Streaming Video with a NICE Touch: Narrative, Immersive, Constructivist, Environments
presented by Joseph V. Henderson, M.D.

Applying NICE concepts, Regimental Surgeon allows an inexperienced doctor to learn the ropes of public health while solving an infectious disease outbreak in Southern Iran. Time is short. Priorities are competing. And the world is at the brink ... Dr. Henderson will demonstrate an NGI-based (Next Generation Internet) project, developed for the U.S. Army and National Guard.

Multimedia Web Gallery

The Multimedia Web Gallery highlights Web-based multimedia resources. The featured Web sites provide creative and informative multimedia examples that can be used for a variety of educational purposes. Numerous disciplines from the health sciences are represented including the areas of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.

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