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Priscilla Mayden Lectures


photo credit: Cindi Trainor

2011 Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture

"From Usability to User Experience"

Amanda Etches-Johnson, Discovery and Access Librarian


Designing and building usable products, interfaces and websites is a noble goal -- we all want our tools to enable our users to accomplish their goals. But accomplishing a goal and having a delightful experience while doing it are two different things and usability can only get you so far. Enter user experience (UX) design! This presentation will delve into the differences between usability and user experience design and provide attendees with ideas and insights into ways to incorporate UX design principles into their interface and web development workflows.

About the presenter

Amanda Etches-Johnson is the Head, Discovery & Access at the University of Guelph Library, Ontario, Canada, where she spends her time thinking about and guiding teams and projects that are focused on improving discovery and access and making the overall library user experience better. She is also half of INFLUX, a user experience consultancy that helps libraries design amazing user experiences. In her role as adjunct faculty member at the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at The University of Western Ontario, Amanda teaches grad students about social media literacies & affordances. Amanda frequently writes and presents about web design & usability, user experience practices and trends, emerging technology, and social media. She tweets @etches and blogs intermittently at blogwithoutalibrary.net.

Sponsored by the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library.

Funding for this lecture is provided by the Priscilla M. Mayden Endowment.

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