Dental Competencies and Information Literacy Concepts Rubric


This rubric is the result of aligning Canadian and American information-related dental competencies, then identifying the most relevant frames from the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for each aligned competency. “Authority is Constructed and Contextual” is an overarching frame important in each of these aligned competencies. The rubric also includes relevant EBD steps for each competency. Finally, sample learning objectives for each aligned competency, informed by the relevant frames, are included according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.  All information-related dental competencies are relevant to INDBE’s Functional Knowledge Area 10, “Research methodology and analysis, and informatics tools”.

Dental Competencies and Information Literacy Concepts Rubric

Development of the rubric is discussed in more detail in the below article:
Schvaneveldt, N.,Stone, S., Brody, E. R., Clairoux, N., Lubker, I. M., Nevius, A. M., Porcello, L., & Bissram, J. S. (2021). Aligning information literacy and evidence-based dentistry concepts in a rubric to improve dental education. Medical Reference Services Quarterly40(2), 236-248.


The rubric may be used to plan instruction and/or assess learners in pre- and post-doctoral dental education.

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