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Our protocol registry lists and links to the a priori methodology plan for evidence reviews, such as systematic reviews, meta-analyses, scoping reviews or rapid reviews conducted by teams at the University of Utah. Protocols should meet PRISMA reporting guidelines.

Publication of a protocol for a review that is written without knowledge of the available studies reduces the impact of review authors’ biases, promotes transparency of methods and processes, reduces the potential for duplication, allows peer review of the planned methods before they have been completed, and offers an opportunity for the review team to plan resources and logistics for undertaking the review itself.

Lasserson TJ, Thomas J, Higgins JPT. Chapter 1: Starting a review. In: Higgins JPT, Thomas J, Chandler J, Cumpston M, Li T, Page MJ, Welch VA (editors). Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions version 6.1 (updated September 2020). Cochrane, 2020. Available from






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[#] Thumbnail Image Title Date Review Team
1 Real-World Evidence Outcomes in the Use of Bevacizumab in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ArMD): A Scoping Review Protocol 2021 Ainhoa Gomez-Lumbreras, Theodoros Giannouchos, Rupesh Panchal, Priyanka Ghule, Cate M. Lockhart, Diana Brixner
2 Real-World Evidence Outcomes in the Use of Trastuzumab in Breast Cancer: A Scoping Review Protocol 2021 Theodoros Giannouchos, Rupesh Panchal, Ainhoa Gomez-Lumbreras, Diana Brixner
3 Shared Decision Making Tools Implemented in the EHR: A Scoping Review Protocol 2020 Joni H. Pierce, Jorie M. Butler, Kensaku Kawamoto, Guilherme Del Fiol, Mary M. McFarland, Charlene R. Weir
4 Social Support in Siblings of Children with Cancer: A Scoping Review Protocol 2020 Sarah E. Wawrzynski, Megan R. Schaefer, Nena Schvaneveldt, Melissa A. Alderfer
5 Utilization of Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Surgical Care: A Scoping Review Protocol 2020 Teryn A. Holeman, Madeline M. DeAngelo, Mary M. McFarland, Benjamin S. Brooke
6 Ventricular Myocardial Strain in Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease: A Systematic Review Protocol 2020 Nicholas S. Whipple, Vijaya M. Joshi, Ronak J. Naik, Tisha Mentnech, Mary M. McFarland, Vikki G. Nolan, Jane S. Hankins

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