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The Research Reproducibility Conference hosts internationally-known guest speakers, featuring panelists, a poster session, networking and more. This is a unique opportunity to engage in the dynamic, rapidly-evolving conversation around reproducibility so that they may be leaders in efforts to increase reproducibility on their campuses.

The Eccles Health Sciences Library, in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy at the U, also offers a four-day short course prior to the conference to examine fundamental core issues of research reproducibility and practical application of different tools and resource to improve research work flow. Media in this collection include the Research Reproducibility Grand Rounds a weekly lecture series featuring an expert who highlights one component of research integrity.

Conference Videos

2018 Conference Video

[#] Video Title Participant(s)
1 2018 Research Reproducibility conference keynotes and panel discussions
2 Keynote #1: Victoria Stodden
3 Panel #1: What Universities Do (and Don’t Do) to Influence (or not) Research Reproducibility Victoria Stodden (Moderator), Tom Parks, Randolph Hall, Brian Avery
4 Panel #2: Research Integrity and Journal Publishing Mollie Cummins (Moderator), Justin Cherny, Eric Eide, John Ryan
5 Panel #3: How to Call Out Non-Reproducible Research Scott Aberegg (Moderator), Ed Dudek, Hilda Bastian, Ivan Oransky
6 Keynote #2: Ivan Oransky

2016 Conference Video

[#] Video Title Participant(s)
1 Video #1: Research Reproducibility Conference 2016 opening Remarks: Melissa Rethlefsen (Utah) and Andy Weyrich (Utah)
2 Video #2: Research Reproducibility Conference 2016, Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture: Hilda Bastian (NIH), Introduced by Melissa Rethlefsen
3 Video #3: Federal Agencies Presentations: Lisa Meier McShane, Ph.D. and Kathy Partin, Introduced by Thomas N. Parks, Ph.D.
Panel Discussion: Thomas Parks, Lisa McShane, and Kathy Partin
4 Video #4: Biomedical research can be reproduced when it is completely and transparently reported: can reporting guidelines help? Featured Speaker: David Moher (OHRI), Introduced by Melissa Rethlefsen
5 Video #5: How Can Universities Help Make More Published Research True / Reproducible? Snyder Lecturer: John Ioannidis, Introduced by Jean Shipman
6 Video #6: Research Reproducibility Conference 2016 Poster Awards Presented by Melissa Rethlefsen
7 Video #7: Q&A session with John Ioannidis (Stanford)


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