Wellness Champion Poster Fair


Co-sponsored by the Resiliency Center, Accelerate, and the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library.

Wellness Champions across departments and divisions of University of Utah Health act as change agents by identifying needs within their group. They are assisted in implementing a practical and evidence-based intervention to improve health and wellness, while measuring the outcome of their efforts. As we work to expand this program to faculty and staff across U of U Health, this will be an opportunity to see what has been done thus far. The fair was originally known as the “Resiliency Poster Fair” and renamed to the “Wellness Champion Poster Fair” in 2018. 

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1 2017 Pathology Residency Program Wellness Initiatives - Workspace Improvements [not set] [not set] [not set]
2 Access to Physical and Mental Wellness Programs [not set] [not set] [not set]
3 Affecting the Culture and Conversation Around Wellness [not set] [not set] [not set]
4 An Interdepartmental Approach to Wellness Through Community Philanthropy [not set] [not set] [not set]
5 Challenges and Strategies in Approaching One of the Most Un-Well Specialties Nationally [not set] [not set] [not set]
6 Cross Campus: Bike Share Pilot to Reduce Cross Campus Driving and Provide Fitness Opportunities [not set] [not set] [not set]
7 Decreasing Work Outside of Clinic - Improving Clinic Flow at South Jordan Health Center [not set] [not set] [not set]
8 Developing a Video Intervention That Teaches Action Planning [not set] [not set] [not set]
9 Identification of Contributing Factors to Radiology Faculty Burnout [not set] [not set] [not set]
10 Improving Efficiency in Documentation and Coding Compliance [not set] [not set] [not set]
11 Improving Faculty Ambulatory Practice Experience [not set] [not set] [not set]
12 Improving Joy in the Workplace [not set] [not set] [not set]
13 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training in a Medical Setting- A Pilot Study [not set] [not set] [not set]
14 Neurology Resident Wellness Program [not set] [not set] [not set]
15 Optimizing Collegiality Through Small Group Intervention to Address PM&R Burnout [not set] [not set] [not set]
16 Residency Wellness Program [not set] [not set] [not set]
17 Streamlining Clinic Visits for Patients Traveling from Afar [not set] [not set] [not set]
18 The Wellness Games - Creating and Implementing a Wellness Game [not set] [not set] [not set]
19 Use of Wellness Practice Improvement Group - WellPIG to Improve Family Medicine Satisfaction and Burnout [not set] [not set] [not set]
20 Utah Health Wellness Survey - Assessing Burnout and Satisfaction Among Faculty [not set] [not set] [not set]
21 Wellness Champions - Addressing Faculty Burnout Through a Disseminated Ground Up Approach [not set] [not set] [not set]
22 Wellness and Preventing Burnout of Physician Assistant Faculty [not set] [not set] [not set]
23 Wellness in Anesthesiology [not set] [not set] [not set]
24 What Do FM Residents Want For Burnout Prevention? Time. [not set] [not set] [not set]
25 ‘Go to Green' Campaign Improving Chart Closure Rates at Two Family Medicine Clinics [not set] [not set] [not set]

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