Polio: Iron Lung & Vaccine Exhibitions

Vaccines “Shots” from the Past

Produced by Digital Publishing and the Web Technology Group, the Vaccines “Shots” from the Past digital exhibition explores the history of the Poliomyelitis virus through the development of vaccines for polio.

An interactive timeline walks you through the first signs of polio in Ancient Egypt to the last survivors utilizing iron lungs.

Polio Vaccine in Utah Newspapers, 1945-1965 contains a selection of newspaper articles related to the development, testing, and administration of the Polio vaccine in Utah from 1945 to 1965, sourced from the Utah Digital Newspaper archive.

Emerson Respirator on display at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library

An Emerson Respirator—colloquially referred to as an “iron lung”—is currently on display in the portrait gallery at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library. Donated to the library by University of Utah Health’s Imagine Perfect Care, the respirator is an example of a negative pressure ventilator used to artificially maintain respiration in polio patients. Alongside the iron lung is an interactive display board with the Vaccines “Shots” from the Past digital exhibition. Visit the library to see the Emerson Respirator exhibit in person.

Emerson Respirator on display in the Eccles Library Portrait Gallery

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