Utah Women’s Health Review Journal

The Spencer S. Eccles Library Health Sciences Library is thrilled to announce the Utah Women’s Health Review (UWHR), a women’s health journal created in collaboration with the Center of Excellence in Women’s Health at the University of Utah.

UWHR is a peer-reviewed journal currently focused on the health of Utah’s women, showcasing the work of local researchers and health professionals. The foundational framework for the journal is the 7 Domains of Health, a framework described by Dr. Kathleen Digre of the Moran Eye Center and Dr. Caren Frost from the University of Utah College of Social Work. The 7 Domains is a social model of health that explores the various dimensions of health throughout the lifespan: emotional, environmental, financial, physical, social, and spiritual. The 2007 and 2019 issues have featured articles examining Utah women’s civic engagement, the health outcomes of high-altitude living, the effects of intergenerational poverty, milk banking, arthritis, and many more.

7 Domains of Health graphic created by Peter Strohmeyer, Eccles Health Sciences Library

The UWHR has been an ongoing project involving all schools in the University of Utah Health Sciences and across campus to the Main Campus. The Editorial Board reflects our ONE U approach to women’s health. By creating and hosting this journal here within Eccles Digital Publishing, UWHR is able to expand publication access as well as ease. Offering publishing opportunities to established women’s health researchers as well as graduate students, residents, and up-and-coming professionals all over Utah. UWHR’s rolling submissions and publication dates allow for a fast turn-around time as well as a more satisfying experience for submitting authors. The site https://uwhr.utah.edu/ houses the earlier 2007 and 2019 issues. Using the WordPress platform, we invite submissions for 2020. Our editor in chief is Karen Schliep PhD, MSPH from the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.

To keep up with the journal, please follow us on Twitter at @uwhr_journal and visit the site https://uwhr.utah.edu/ to read the 2007 and 2019 issues. If you work in an area of women’s health and have an original research article, a data snapshot, or commentary linked to one of the 7 Domains, please submit your work at https://uwhr.utah.edu/submissions/submit-manuscript/.

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