Polio Vaccine in Utah Newspapers, 1945-1965

Overview #

Polio Vaccine in Utah Newspapers, 1945-1965 contains a selection of newspaper articles related to the development, testing, and administration of the Polio vaccine in Utah from 1945 to 1965, derived from the Utah Digital Newspaper archive. Utah Digital Newspapers is Utah’s only keyword-searchable statewide digital newspaper repository. It currently contains 3.5 million pages from nearly 200 newspapers.

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Polio Vaccine Answer Man, 1955

Northern #

Box Elder, Cache, Davis, Rich, Weber, Morgan counties

Bear River Valley Leader (Tremonton, Box Elder County)
1947-11-27 | Polio Vaccine is Tested on Rats; Success is Told

Davis County Clipper (Bountiful, Davis County)
1953-07-24 | Virus Researchers Gain in Hunt for Polio Vaccine
1954-08-20 | Davis County Sets Polio Day at Lagoon Resort
1957-03-15 | Doctors Propose Polio Shot Groups
1958-10-24 | Polio Vaccine Effect Limited
1961-06-30 | Shots Without Needles
1963-02-22 | Girl Scouts to Telephone to Help Eliminate Polio
1963-05-31 | Utah Ranks First in KO Polio Campaign

Hill Air Force Base Newspapers (Hill Air Force Base, Davis and Weber Counties)
1953-08-28 | Civilian Dispensary Tells Latest Discoveries About Polio and ‘GG’
1958-06-13 | Have You Overlooked Polio Protection
1962-04-13 | Open Wide
1963-02-15 | Oral Polio Vaccine Clinics Set for Public March 2-3

Tremonton Leader (Tremonton, Box Elder County)
1954-01-21 | March of Dimes Fund Launches Polio Drive
1954-04-01 | Polio Vaccine Tests Begin on April 26
1955-06-09 | First Polio Victim Recovering
1955-10-13 | Polio Vaccine Available
1960-04-07 | Paralytic Polio Shows Gain
1963-01-24 | ‘Mother’s March’ Slated For Valley Area Mar. 30

Salt Lake Metro #

Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele counties

Bingham Bulletin (Bingham Canyon, former city, Salt Lake County)
1945-01-19 | Whose Child is Next
1953-04-17 | Polio Vaccine Undergoes Test; Medical History in the Making
1954-03-26 | Immunization Clinic Starts Today at the Civic Center
1954-04-16 | Polio Vaccine Endorsed
1954-09-03 | Give To The Emergency March of Dimes Now!
1956-08-03 | Polio Facts For 1956
1959-01-09 | Don’t Tell Him Polio’s Licked

Midvale Journal Sentinel (Midvale, Salt Lake County)
1961-03-31 | Polio Clinics Apr. 6, 10 At Junior High Schools

Park Record (Park City, Summit County)
1953-01-08 | ’53 March of Dimes Drives Opens after Worst Polio Year
1955-01-20 | Dimes Drive in High Gear as Workers Plan Finale
1957-01-17 | We’re Proud of Our Workers

Salt Lake Times (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County)
1957-11-01 | Polio Isn’t Licked Yet
1958-01-10 | Utahns Warned to Continue Fight on Polio
1958-01-17 | Polio Hall of Fame to Honor 17
1959-04-03 | Don’t Relax Polio Vigil
1960-04-08 | General Practitioners to Hear of New Oral Polio Vaccine
1961-03-03 | Here is Latest Information regarding Polio Vaccines
1961-04-14 | Memo to Neglectful Parents
1961-07-21 | Don’t be Confused by Polio Vaccine Controversy
1962-04-20 | State, County Medical Leaders Map Intensive War on Polio
1962-06-01 | The Man… the Vaccine… the Institute… the Future
1962-07-13 | Dr. Salk : Portrait of a Worker
1962-08-31 | Many Groups Announce Aid to Mass Polio Knockout Drive
1962-09-14 | Governor Proclaims October 14 as K.O. Polio Day in Utah

Sugar House Bulletin (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County)
1954-01-01 | The Power of a Dime March of Dimes Polio Care and Cost 

Utah Daily Chronicle (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County)
1954-12-07 | U Polio Lab Works on Vaccine
1955-04-15 | Salk Had Utah Aid
1957-04-05 | Polio Shots Are Available to University Students
1960-01-13 | Tommy’s World is All Upside Down…
1963-11-19 | Discoverer of Vaccine Now Visiting Campus

Utah Nippo (Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County)
1952-10-13 | Vaccine Process Spurs Hopes For Polio Control
1955-01-26 | Polio Vaccine Facts
1959-04-01 | Polio Serum in 4-Way ‘Shot’
1960-04-20 | Reports Indicate Oral Polio Vaccine Most Effective
1961-03-13 | Made In Japan Anti-Polio Vaccine Sold

Central #

Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne, Emery, Grand, Juab, Millard, Sanpete, Uintah, Utah, Wasatch counties

American Fork Citizen (American Fork, Utah County)
1954-04-22 | Am. Fork Children To Be Given Polio Vaccine
1955-04-21 | Utah County to Receive Polio Vaccine
1956-02-09 | Immunization Program Now Being Carried Out in Schools in County

Emery County Progress (Castle Dale, Emery County)
1954-04-08 | Polio Serum Declared to be Harmless
1955-04-21 | Foundation Lists Pupils Receiving Polio Vaccine
1956-01-12 | State Board of Health Urges Polio Serum Use
1957-01-24 | County Polio Drive Underway: Residents Urged to Get ‘Shots’
1958-06-26 | Asafetida or Salk Vaccine?
1961-03-09 | Polio- It Is Later Than You Think
1963-03-07 | KO Polio Clinics Draw 4,635 Over Weekend

Ephraim Enterprise (Ephraim, Sanpete County)
1958-01-10 | ‘Survival is Not Enough’ is Slogan for ’58 March of Dimes

Green River Journal (Green River, Emery County)
1956-01-26 | Why Polio Isn’t Licked Yet!

Helper Journal (Helper, Carbon County)
1954-04-15 | Endorsement of Poliomyelitis Vaccine
1955-04-28 | Shots For Helper Kiddies Postponed Until Tests At ‘U’ Are Completed
1956-07-05 | Parents Again Urged to Have Children Vaccinated for Polio
1960-02-04 | Women Play Key Role in ‘Dimes’ Research
1961-04-13 | Wanted: More Vacancies

Lehi Free Press (Lehi, Utah County)
1954-04-15 | Lehi Children to Participate in Mass Polio Vaccinations
1955-01-06 | Fight Polio!
1963-04-25 | Greater Response Here in Second Round of KO Polio
1963-02-28 | Residents Urged to Support Polio Clinic Here Mar. 2., 3

Manti Messenger (Manti, Sanpete County)
1955-01-14 | Polio Drive Gets Underway in Manti
1955-05-06 | First and Second Graders Get First Polio Shots
1957-01-10 | Nurse Gives Info. on Polio Immunization
1959-07-23 | State Medical Ass’n. Reminds Parents of Polio Shot Needs

Millard County Chronicle (Delta, Millard County)
1951-01-11 | Strange Facts About Polio
1956-01-12 | Strange Facts About Polio: Frog Breathing Aids Polio Victims
1957-06-13 | Second Clinic For Polio Shots Slated July First

Nephi Times-News (Nephi, Juab County)
1955-03-10 | Possibility for Polio Vaccine Shots in Juab District Seen
1955-04-28 | 218 Children Receive Salk Polio Vaccine Shots Tues.

Pleasant Grove Review (Pleasant Grove, Utah County)
1954-12-17 | Polio Vaccine Now Being Stockpiled
1961-04-13 | Need for Polio Clinic Stressed in Open Letter

Provo Daily Herald (Provo, Utah County)
1946-10-04 | Polio Vaccine Discovery Seen
1947-01-16 | Effective Vaccine Ultimate Answer to  Control of Polio
1947-01-09 | Virus-Infected Brain Tissue Utilized in Polio Research
1949-05-04 | Polio Victim Kept Alive; Iron Lung Fails On Train
1951-11-20 | Vaccine For Polio Near Realization
1955-04-11 | Salk Reports Vaccine Unqualified Success
1955-05-09 | Experts to Run New Safety Checks on Vaccine Stocks
1965-04-12 | Time to Cheer Polio’s Death

Roosevelt Standard (Roosevelt, Duchesne County)
1953-10-08 | Polio Vaccine May be Answer for Dread Disease
1956-01-12 | Our Editorial Viewpoint
1956-05-10 | Age Limit Raised for Polio Vaccine in Utah
1956-07-05 | Polio Vaccine Clinics Planned for Duchesne County Residents

Springville Herald (Springville, Utah County)
1963-02-28 | ‘D-Day’ for Polio Set Here
1965-01-28 | Immunization Schedule Set

Times Independent (Moab, Grand County)
1955-04-14 | Salk Vaccine Brings Victory over Polio
1958-04-03 | Immunization Clinics Set for next Few Weeks in Moab
1963-03-07 | Moab KO Polio Drive Rated Success, 4,623 Take Vaccine at Clinic

Uintah Basin Standard (Duchesne, Duchesne County)
1957-03-14 | Polio Clinics Postponed due to Vaccine Shortage
1958-01-23 | Marching Fathers Replace Women in “March on Polio” January 30
1960-08-11 | Many Lack Polio Shots in Duchesne County
1963-02-07 | Polio Vaccine to be Given on Sugar Cubes

Vernal Express (Vernal, Uintah County)
1953-12-31 | Polio Drive Begins Saturday Section
1955-04-14 | Polio Vaccinating in Uintah County Will Begin in Schools next Week Section
1956-06-21 | Plentiful Supply of Polio Vaccine Now Seen in Utah Section
1957-03-14 | Big Response Exhausts Serum for Polio Shots Section
1962-06-28 | County Official Eyes Meet on Oral Vaccine
1963-03-07 | Polio Clinic Rated ‘Highly Successful’

Southern #

Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, Piute, San Juan, Sevier, Wayne, Washington counties

Beaver County News (Milford, Beaver County)
1955-11-24 | County Officers Attend Regional Polio Conclave
1957-09-05 | Polio Vaccine Now Available for County
1960-12-29 | Heavy Outlays for Aid to Polio Victims Cause Drain on March of Dimes Funds
1961-03-30 | Wanted: More Vacancies
1962-08-30 | Campaign to ‘K.O. Polio’ Gets Support
1963-01-17 | ‘All-Out’ War on Polio Planned by Utah Medics
1963-02-28 | Ko Polio – Take the ‘Sugar Cure’
1963-05-30 | Utah Rates Highest in Polio Immunization

Beaver Press (Beaver, Beaver County)
1953-01-16 | Research Backed By Polio Fund / Eisenhower Urges Nation Support March of Dimes
1955-08-19 | Strict Tests For Every Process Assure Safety of Salk Polio Vaccine
1956-01-06 | Dimes Campaign Bringing Aid to Victims of Polio
1963-02-21 | Proclamation

Garfield County News (Panguitch, Garfield County)
1955-04-28 | Children Get Polio Vaccine as Medical Milestone

Iron County Record (Cedar City, Iron County)
1953-06-18 | Trained Women Volunteers Can Aid Greatly in the Care of Polio
1953-09-10 | Research Will Mean Victory!
1955-04-28 | Polio Shots Halted, Cedar 1st, 2nd Grades Get One
1957-01-03 | Utah Has Highest Rate of Polio Incidence in Nation
1957-07-04 | Apathy and Polio
1961-06-01 | Near Three Thousands Residents Receive Polio Shots
1962-08-09 | Mass Polio Program Will Introduce Oral Vaccine to Utah

Milford News (Milford, Beaver County)
1949-05-26 | New Hope Seen in War Against Polio
1952-10-16 | U of U Professor Predicts New Serum to Halt Polio
1953-07-30 | Polio Season is Here; Alertness May Prevent Epidemics
1955-01-13 | Strange Facts About Polio
1955-01-20 | ‘Lungs’ Meant Life or Death for 6,000 Stricken by Polio
1955-08-11 | Strict Tests through Every Process Assure Safety of Salk Polio Vaccine
1955-12-29 | March of Dimes Crossword Puzzle