Next iteration of EHSL Website

From the blog "A List Apart", "The Myth of Usability Testing": " the earliest phase of the process: Determining the project’s goals and forming a comprehensive strategy for achieving them."


  • Retain strengths of current website
  • Seamless, single-point response to visitors regardless of platform
  • Maximize compliance with accessibility current accessibility standards and practices
  • others?


  • Using WebTrends to distinguish between links:
    • Place the WT.svl parameter on every page where multiple links
      lead to the same page.
      Assign each link a unique value. For example if three different
      links on each page go to the same target page, you would assign each
      link a unique value as shown in the following example:
      SmartView uses WT.svl to assign the appropriate measure values to
      individual links.

Parts of website (divs, headers, footers, etc.) by display type

Screen displayMobile displayADA display
Page title, webtrends code, etc.
Page title, webtrends code, etc. Page title, webtrends code, etc.
rel, rev, keywords, etc. <meta> tags
rel, rev, keywords, etc. <meta> tags rel, rev, keywords, etc. <meta> tags
skip links div, probably <h2>hide skip links div, probably <h2>skip links 1st, probably <h2>
screen CSS
mobile CSS
antiscreen CSS?
<h1> = title<h1> = title<h1> = title
UU nav @ top as <h2>UU nav @ bottom as <h2>UU nav near top as <h2>, below skip links
site nav as <h2>'ssite nav @ top as <li><h2>'s horizontalsite nav near top as <h2>'s
header logo image with link to home pageheader logo image with link to mobile home pagelogo alt text with link to home page
emergency <div>, probably <h2> emergency <div>, probably <h2>emergency <div>, probably <h2>
site search boxsite search boxsite search box
individual page contentsindividual page contentsindividual page contents
sidebar(s), 1 or 2sidebar content at bottom or as part of pagesidebar content at bottom of page
standard footer in <li><h#> or <li><p> combosmobile footer containing icons (UU, leaf, NLM) and contact infostandard footer in <li><h#> or <li><p> combos

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