1. 7-Day Food Intake

  2. Prepare Nutrition Prescription

  3. Implement Nutrition Prescription

  4. Iron Deficiency Anemia(Client PDF Handout)

  5. Global Issues

Tutorial 5: Global Issues, Data and information: Barriers to adequate food intake.

Outline for Some Root Causes of World Hunger:

  1. Lack of Access: Food Not Available

    1. Natural Disasters: Crop Failure/Crop Destruction from

      1. Drought

      2. Infestations

      3. Floods

    2. No Food Transport/Inadequate Food transport due to

      1. Poor Roads/No Roads

      2. Inadequate Distribution System: lack of Vehicles

      3. Food Transport blocked by war, rebellion, revolution

  2. Lack of Resources: Insufficient to obtain food

    1. No money to buy sufficient food due to

      1. Unemployment - can't find/keep a job due to economic recession, lack of skills/education

      2. Inadequate wages

      Food is the flexible item in the budget

    2. Inadequate Food Production due to

      1. lack of seeds and equipment

      2. lack of fertile land

      3. lack of knowledge regarding successful crop production

      4. total crop needed to pay back loans for seeds and equipment with nothing left to eat

  3. Ignorance and/or Ill Will prevent equal access to/resources for food

    1. Political inequalities leading to poverty

    2. Cultural practices of unequal family distribution of food

    3. Lack of awareness of other's need

    4. Lack of concern for other's need

Solutions to World Hunger:

  1. The best solutions are often simple

  2. A few people can often make a big difference

  3. A key factor is the will to remove the barriers

World Health Organization Slogan: Think Globally - Act Locally

Some Examples of Solutions to the problem of World Hunger:

  1. International Examples

    Private or Non-Governmental Voluntary Organizations (PV0s/NGOs)

    1. Carter Institute - wells and clean water in Africa

    2. Benson Institute at BYU - big corporations - small diversified crops of animals and plants for combination self sufficiency and cash - experience in Mexico single broccoli crop vs Benson Plan

      Governmental Organizations

    3. US Aid for International Development (USAID ) Women in Development - Egypt - loan program for small businesses and control of their own resources

  2. National Examples (United States Federal/ State Programs)

    1. Food Stamps

    2. WIC - Women, Infants and Children Food Program

    3. School Breakfast and School Lunch Programs

  3. Local Examples (Federal/State, Local Agencies and Citizens)

    1. Food Drives for food banks and community food pantries

    2. Advocacy Organizations e.g.Utahn's Against Hunger

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