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  1. 7-Day Food Intake

  2. Prepare Nutrition Prescription

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Tutorial 1: Obtaining and analyzing a 7 Day Food Intake Record for Protein and KCalorie Intake using the Higgins method

    Procedure for Obtaining a 7 Day Food Intake Record

There are two possible approaches to obtaining a 7 day food intake record:



Oral interview of a client by a nutritionist or health care provider

This is the approach used by the nutritionists at the Montreal Diet Dispensary.

The oral interview is best used when there is any doubt about the client's willingness or ability to complete an accurate written 7 day intake record, or when it is the method preferred by the clinician. It is more time consuming as it may take 30 to 60 minutes to obtain the necessary information. The advantage is that it enables the clinician to elicit more details or clarification regarding the information given by the client.

This approach demands the most skill in nutrition interviewing as the clinician must be able to elicit the food intake and know the protein and Kcalorie equivalents well enough to be able to make rapid calculations, using a four function calculator, while talking and listening to the client.

Click to read a brief overview of the Oral Interview procedure



Written record recorded by the individual woman

This is the approach, adapted from the oral interview approach, which is used in this teaching module.

This approach is best used within a health care practice or childbirth education course, in which clients are encouraged to collaborate and participate in their own health care. It may also be used individually by an essentially healthy woman with the intent of obtaining optimal nutrition for herself and her unborn baby.

Pregnant women have been recording a written 7 day food intake record in our BirthCare-HealthCare faculty nurse-midwifery practice since 1982. Pregnant teenage girls in our Young Mothers Program at the College of Nursing have also successfully recorded their written 7 day food intake records during that time. The Young Mothers Program is a a series of mini-courses in childbirth and parenting education for childbearing/childrearing teens. They are brought to the College of Nursing by their school teachers from their Teen Parent programs in a local school district. We have been able, in almost all instances, to obtain complete and accurate written records from pregnant women which could be analyzed for use in obtaining a pregnancy nutrition prescription.

Click to learn the procedures for obtaining a 7 Day Food Intake Record using an individually prepared written food intake record.

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