Fast Track Analysis


  1. 7-Day Food Intake

  2. Prepare Nutrition Prescription

  3. Implement Nutrition Prescription

  4. Iron Deficiency Anemia (Client PDF Handout)

  5. Global Issues

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Complete each of the following 5 examination questions by choosing the single best group of answers. Complete all the questions, then click on the "Submit Test" button at the end.

Question 1:

Agnes Higgins

a. was a nutritionist
b. was director of the Montreal Diet Dispensary
c. introduced the WIC program in Canada
d. taught teams of health professionals from the U.S.
e. believed that nutrition could improve on genetic design
(A) a b c e
(B) a c d e
(C) a b c d

Question 2:

Mrs. Higgins' guiding concepts included:
a. newborn disability and nutrition are not related
b. infant birthweight and nutrition are related
c. a standard recommended weight gain for all mothers is desired.
d. counseling for behavior change determines success
e. prepregnancy weight, pregnancy weight gain, and smoking influence birthweight
(A) a b c
(B) b d e
(C) c d e

Question 3:

The food intake assessment is based on
a. a three day written record
b. a seven day written record
c. a seven day oral intake interview
d. a three day oral intake interview
e. a 24 hour diet recall
(A) a d
(B) b c
(C) e

Question 4:

The food intake record is used to determine
a. average daily intake of Protein and KCalories
b. average daily intake of the basic food groups
c. deficits in vitamins and minerals
d. need for additions to the pregnancy diet
e. need for changes to the pregnancy diet
(A) a d
(B) b c
(C) a e

Question 5:

The Food Chart contains
a. a list of desirable foods in pregnancy
b. Protein and KCalorie equivalents for selected foods
c. vitamin and mineral equivalents for selected foods
d. daily amount of foods necessary for a pregnant woman
e. the amount in a serving for each food listed
(A) a e
(B) c d
(C) b e

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