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Tutorial 3: Key Concepts in implementation of the Nutrition Prescription

Implementation Goals:

  The goals of obtaining adequate nutrition during pregnancy are a childbearing outcome of:
  • a healthy baby who has met its genetic potential for birthweight e.g. weighs what it was designed to weigh.
  • a healthy mother who has no pregnancy, birth or postpartum complications due to lack of sufficient essential nutrients during pregnancy.

Implementation Requirements:


In order to obtain an adequate pregnancy nutrition intake the expectant mother will need:
  • motivation to make the necessary changes in her food intake.
  • information concerning what and how much to ADD to her current food intake to meet her individual prescription as determined through Tutorials 4 and 5.
  • resources to obtain and prepare the required amounts and types of foods.

Key Concepts in
Nutrition Counseling
with suggested approaches:


  1. Establish the reality of the unborn baby as a real human being:
    • use a picture or model of the baby at its present week of gestation
    • describe the baby's present development and abilities
    • enable the mother to listen to the fetal heart

  2. The baby's weight and health at birth will be positively influenced by what and how much she eats.

  3. The unborn baby's development is continuous and ongoing 24 hours a day. The necessary nutrients need to be constantly available. This means eating well and sufficiently every day.

  4. Praise the positive aspects of her current food intake.

  5. Identify, based on her individual prescription, what she needs to ADD to her current daily food intake to meet her personal nutrition requirements during this pregnancy. This is outlined in Form E. of Tutorial 5 and compared to her current 7 day food intake record. A copy of both forms is given to the mother to take with her.

  6. She will need to eat frequently throughout the day while she is awake, in order to obtain the increased amount of food required. This means having three meals and three snacks, or something to eat approximately every two hours while she is awake.

  7. Milk is a nutrient dense food that provides a substantial amount of protein, Kcalories, calcium and other essential elements for its volume and cost. Babies need frequent meals after birth and their best food is milk. This is also true now. Where necessary, an expectant mother may be encouraged to print a large "B" on her daily quart of milk to remind her and her family to "feed the baby."

  8. Eating sufficient nutritious food, according to her individual prescription, will return her to within her healthy weight range after this childbearing period is over.

  9. Express your confidence in her ability to feed herself and her unborn baby well and sufficiently. You know she can do it!

  10. Be sure to verify that she has the resources to accomplish this task. If she does not, facilitate her obtaining the necessary resources through information, referral, advocacy and any other necessary assistance.



Building a Healthy Baby (high resolution) :
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