1. Birth of
    the baby

  2. Birth of
    the placenta

  3. Local anesthesia for vaginal/
    perineal repair

  4. Repair of the Perineum

Tutorial 2: Birth of the Placenta

Birth of the Normal Placenta During Childbirth

5. End Note

The key elements to successful completion of the birth of the normal placenta in the third stage of labor are:
  1. Knowledge of the normal physiology of the third stage.

  2. Ability to discern when placental separation from the uterine wall has occured

  3. Skill in the gentle maneuvers to facilitate the birth of the placenta and membranes after separation.

  4. Ability to evaluate that the entire placenta and all of the membranes are complete and intact, with no remaining fragment in the uterus, through careful examination as soon as they are delivered.

  5. Ability to evaluate the placenta and membranes for normal and/or abnormal variations in structure

Above all, a) exercise patience in allowing the normal processes to proceed as long as there is no indication to intervene and b) use maternal efforts to assist in the expulsion of the placenta. The result will be a safe and peaceful conclusion to the process and experience of childbirth.

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