1. 7-Day Food Intake

  2. Prepare Nutrition Prescription

  3. Implement Nutrition Prescription

  4. Iron Deficiency Anemia(Client PDF Handout)

  5. Global Issues

Tutorial 5-Global Issues: Local resources and how to access them e.g. WIC, Emergency Food Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah

Food Resources in Utah:

  • Food Stamps Program

  • Prepared Meals:
    Salvation Army
    St. Vincent de Paul

  • Salt Lake Community Action Program Emergency Food Pantries

  • School Lunch and Breakfast Program

  • Summer Food Program

  • Utah Food Bank

  • Utahns Against Hunger

  • Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Food Program

    WIC Fact Sheet
    Salt Lake County WIC Web Site
    National WIC Web Site

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