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EHSL Faculty Teach 3 CEs at MLA Conference

On top of the Utah Libraries Association conference last week, the Eccles Health Science Library had some of the largest representation at the Medical Libraries Association (MLA) conference in Seattle this Memorial Day weekend!

The Medical Libraries Association is a highly influential education provider due to its large team of trusted health information experts.  Furthermore, “MLA fosters excellence in the professional practice and leadership of health sciences library and information professionals in order to enhance the quality of health care, education, and research throughout the world.”

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Congratulations to EHSL’s Executive Director, Jean P. Shipman on her award at ULA!

The 2017 Utah Library Association Distinguished Service Award presented to Jean P. ShipmanExecutive Director, Knowledge Management & Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library.

The ULA Committee selects the winner of the Distinguished Service Award on the grounds of which individual has had the most significant record of contribution throughout her/his career.

Nominees are recognized by their colleagues as giving exceptional service to library patrons and the profession.  Typically such recognition will have been demonstrated by positions held in professional associations; a record of publication or professional presentations; special recognition given by a community,  college/university/school; or other user group; or other forms of acknowledgment such as awards, citations, and letters of praise.

Congratulations Jean!


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Eccles Health Science Library makes an appearance at 2017 ULA

This past week, the Utah Libraries Association hosted their annual conference where 5 EHSL Faculty lead workshops, gave presentations, and won awards!

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We’re Hiring an Assistant or Associate Librarian!

The successful candidate will lead efforts in research reproducibility, open science, research impact measurement, biomedical scholarly communication, data visualization, data management planning, literature searching and manipulation, and information skill development.

To achieve these goals, the Assistant or Associate Librarian will work closely with members of the Education and Research team and report directly to the Associate Director for Education and Research. This position is a full-time, tenure track faculty position. All librarians are expected to contribute to the profession through service, scholarship, outreach, and mentoring.

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Lola the Librarian

This video project has been percolating for many, many years. In the early 2000’s, Molson Beer came out with a wonderful ad featuring Joe the Canadian. Joe stood on a stage and expounded on what a Canadian is, and is not, with music playing and images flashing behind him. The ad was very comedic and ended with Joe shouting, “My name is Joe and I am Canadian!”

My first reaction to the ad was to laugh heartily and run out to buy some Molson. Shortly after that, I thought, “We need to make a similar ad about Librarians! Let’s dispel the myths and tell the audience what a Librarian is and is not!” The script started writing itself in my head and soon I found myself saying, “My name is Lola and I’m a Librarian!” Continue reading »

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Rock Star Medical Librarians: Meet the Collisions!

Segment reposted from
Posted by NLM in Focus

The response has been the equivalent of a standing ovation with people holding up cell phone lights.

So we’re back for an encore of medical librarians. We even have a couple of bands.

The idea started after the Director of the National Library of Medicine Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan wrote in a blog post, “I’m all for the ‘rock star’ librarian idea.”

We are so with her on that.

Four women wearing dark sunglasses strike intimidating poses: The Collisions

Erica Lake, Nancy Lombardo, Shirley Zhao, Jean Shipman

Current gig: Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah

Three words on what it’s like to be on the library beat: Inform. Connect. Innovate.

Rock solid advice for wannabe medical librarians: Work with passion! Be curious and willing to try new things, venture in new directions, and fail.

The biggest misconception about being a medical librarian: You have to have a clinical background. You don’t!

If you’re not rocking as librarians, what are you doing? Recording our next album at a local dive!

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A Statement in Affirmation of Our Core Values

by the Faculty and Staff of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah

The faculty and staff of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library (EHSL) publicly assert and stand in support of the 2017 Medical Library Association (MLA) Statement affirming our core professional values.  Quoting from the MLA Statement,

 “…access to information facilitates scientific collaboration, provides researchers with easier access to scientific research and data, strengthens biomedical research, and leads to better patient care. Patients who have access to necessary health information are empowered to play an active role in their health care and realize better health outcomes. The free movement of scientists worldwide contributes to a diverse and inclusive research environment in the best interest of all.”

Our core values as health sciences library professionals, as reiterated in the MLA statement referenced above, include:

  • reliance on scientific evidence;
  • access to information, integrity, transparency, and reproducibility in scientific research;
  • global public awareness of and access to high-quality health information, especially for underserved communities;
  • lifelong learning and professional development;
  • advancement of peer-reviewed health information research and evidence-based practice;
  • global community engagement and collaboration within and outside our profession;
  • adherence to high ethical standards; and
  • commitment to diversity and inclusion to strengthen our communities internally and externally.

These values are part and parcel of who we are and what we do as health sciences library professionals.

Further, EHSL supports the University of Utah’s recent statements (Executive Order and Support for International Community) affirming the University’s support for our international students, staff, faculty, and colleagues. In our EHSL Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we state and affirm that:

We are here to assist anyone who seeks access to health information without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, status as a disabled individual, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information or protected veteran’s status.”

To these ends, we commit to ensure that EHSL provides a space of learning where all voices are heard. We commit to challenging ourselves and others to explore and respect difference. Most of all, we will continue with equity and justice to assist all who seek access to health information.

Medical Library Association Statements:

University of Utah Statements:

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Congratulations Mellanye Lackey!

Mellanye Lackey has been accepted to the Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians at the Harvard Graduate School of Education–July 30-August 4. “The program details important leadership concepts and applies them to the practical challenges of leading and managing the contemporary academic library. The curriculum addresses three areas — planning, organizational strategy and change, and transformational learning — with an overarching goal of increasing your leadership and management capacity.”

She also received an AAHSL Leadership Scholarship to support her participation in this fantastic program. We look forward to hearing about her experience when she returns. Congrats Mellanye!


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Bike to Work Week May 15-19, 2017

May is National Bike Month and May 15-19, 2017 is National Bike to Work Week. If you bike to work this week, join us at 3:30 PM that day at the main (west) entrance to EHSL for a group photo.

Sponsored by the EHSL Sustainability Committee and the EHSL Wellness Team!

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JoVE: MLA’17 Meeting Travel Award – Mellanye Lackey

Congratulations to Mellanye Lackey, MSI! She is a recipient of the JoVE: MLA’17 Meeting Travel Award. A Librarian’s Role in Research Reproducibility: The award is intended to recognize librarians are working to advance scientific research by empowering scientists, faculty, and students with the necessary information, tools, and training to achieve research reproducibility. These librarians developed and lead invaluable research reproducibility initiatives for researchers, students, or other librarians. They were awarded a $1,500 grant each to attend the MLA Conference in Seattle and their initiatives will be showcased on our blog as well as disseminated in video format.

Read more here:

JoVE Recipients for MLA17

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