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Home Transformation Seismic Construction Project Dates
EHSL Construction Timeline
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Seismic Construction Project Dates

2023JanuaryPhase 1: Seismic Retrofit Starts
AprilPhase 1: Demolition
MayPhase 1: Design phase complete
Phase 1: Reading room at southeast corner
Phase 1: Wall erected in southeast corner. South bike rack removal.
SOM: School of Medicine (SOM): West sidewalk closes. Access to Main level entrance closed for duration of SOM construction
Phase 1: North and South doors of EHSL replaced, main entrance closed for duration of the SOM construction
SOM: Level 1 south east door opens with badge access
SOM: Level A access to School of Medicine (SOM) closes. Concrete removal scheduled to start.
SOM: Potential concrete removal begins anticipate high-level noise, ground vibrations and disruptive working environments
JunePhase 1: South east corner, main level, retrofit construction begins
Phase 1: EHSL closed for power outage from June 10 – 12.
JulyPhase 1: EHSL closed for power outage July 29, from 6 AM to 10 AM.
OctoberPhase 1: Construction complete
Phase 2: Core at north wing begins
Phase 2: Design phase complete
Phase 2: Construction begins
Phase 2: Occupancy
2024JunePhase 2: Construction complete
Phase 2: Occupancy