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Play with Technology at the Eccles Health Sciences Library

The following page walks you through the different technology hubs offered at the Eccles Health Sciences Library. Browse through to learn more about the technologies offered at EHSL and how they might help you in your scholarship at the University of Utah. For general help with any of these technologies, email

Featured Tech


Explore VR at EHSL
Virtual Reality use in Health Sciences

Virtual Reality equipment is available in HSEB 3100 (the computer lab).  A specialist in the lab can assist you setting up the equipment and playing some of the unique apps and games specific to the health sciences. View guide



Explore Anatomage at EHSL
Digital life-size human body imaging with touch-screen

The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education and is being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions. It has been featured in the TEDTalks Conference, PBS, and numerous other journals for its innovative approach to anatomy presentation.  View Guide



Innovation and Design Lab
Gary L. Crocker Innovation & Design Lab, CMI

Innovation Lab with Center for Medical Innovation This lab offers equipment and tools to aid innovators in the ideation and creation of medical devices and prototypes. Those interested in using the lab for 3D Printing can contact the lab directly. There is a small fee associated with printing.

Do-It-Yourself Printing Staff at the Reserve Desk level 2 help students, faculty and staff use 3D printers located in the Knowledge Commons area of the Marriott Library. The website includes a helpful guide to printing and includes additional information about printing services and estimated printing costs.


Lassonde StudiosLassonde Studios Prototyping Room Rapid prototyping is something that allows all students of different backgrounds to physically create their products and ideas. Within the prototyping room there will be a CNC laser and 3-D printers to aid in rapid creations of projects. Come talk with our Tool Mentors to set up your 3-D print.

Find fabrication shops on campus. Looking for new equipment on campus? Check out the new Find Equipment Link. Please use this tool to find equipment (needed for a project) that is already on campus, but is not fully utilized. Take advantage of this new equipment search and investigate your potential cost savings for your project. You can also look up Core Facilities link:

Fabrication studios around Salt Lake City compiled by intern Jenny Flake.



Video & Audio production at EHSL
Explore video and audio production process and tools

Tree of Hippocrates Education (THE) Studio is located on the 2nd floor of the Library (room 202) and contains a Mac computer loaded with software to help you create dazzling audio and visual projects. Project guides can be found below for basic video recording, podcasting, lecture capture, livestreaming, and mobile recording. View Guide