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Report on iPad usability

According to the blog ReadWriteWeb, web usability expert Jakob Nielsen has published a report about how people are using iPads. This is a follow-up report to his first usability study of the iPad a year ago, and it provides details about strengths and problems with the device. Nielsen reports that both versions of the iPad …Read More »

Another great Mayden Lecture

On Monday, April 18, 2011, Amanda Etches-Johnson gave the 2011 Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture on the topic “From Usability to User Experience.” Designing websites, she explains, should focus not on what the software does, but on what the user does with it. Important design questions to ask include: How easy is this site to learn? …Read More »

2011 Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture

Amanda Etches-Johnson is the guest speaker for the Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture on April 18, 2011. Her talk is titled, “From Usability to User Experience,” and it will focus differences between usability and user experience (UX) in web design for websites. Johnson supports the concept that visiting a website should be “a delightful experience,” and …Read More »