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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Title
Phone Email
Baluchi, Donna Equity, Diversity & Inclusion/Education Librarian
Rm 105
801-646-6077email Donna Baluchi
Bramble, JohnAssociate Director, NNLM Region 4
Rm 102
801-585-9646email John Bramble
Brown, RebeccaTraining Development Specialist, NNLM Training Office
801-587-5673email Rebecca Brown
Colm, HannaAdministrative Assistant
Rm 103
801-585-7535email Hanna Colm
Connors, KendaLibrary Aide, Ops & Logistics
email Kenda Connors
Dickey, SarahDigital Resources Manager
Rm 107
801-581-6979email Sarah Dickey
Dowd, AbbyInstructional Designer, NNLM Training Office
Rm 112
801-581-8593email Abby Dowd
Foulger, MichelleSenior Accountant
801-587-9245email Michelle Foulger
Frakes, ElizabethAssociate Librarian for Clinical Services
801-587-9247email Elizabeth Frakes
Greenberg, Heidi Associate Director, Ops & Logistics
Rm 104
801-587-9246email Heidi Greenberg
Hiranbanthow, PannawatSystems Administrator
801-213-3526email Pannawat Hiranbanthow
Howell, MarkSoftware Designer
EHSEB 2880
email Mark Howell
Howes, LydiaAssistant Librarian, Education and Research
Rm 113
email Lydia Howes
Hull, BryanAssistant Librarian; Head, Digital Publishing
Rm 107
email Bryan Hull
Jarvis, ChristyAssociate Director, Scholarly Communications
Rm 110
801-581-3031email Christy Jarvis
Johnson, LillyVideographer
EHSEB Rm 3600
801-213-3526email Lilly Johnson
Jones, DavidSystems Administrator
801-213-3526email David Jones
Kavapalu, OliviaSupervisor, Public Services
801-587-3411email Olivia Kavapalu
Keller, MarkIT Manager
Rm 23
801-581-5241email Mark Keller
Knapp, MaureenTraining Development Specialist, NNLM Training Office
email Maureen Knapp
Maestas, SyDigital Publishing Coordinator
Rm 107
email Sy Maestas
McFarland, MaryLibrary Services Coordinator
email Mary McFarland
Memmott, NathanLibrary Technical Specialist
801-581-5534email Nathan Memmott
Millsap, RobertManager, Accounting and Finance
Rm 108
801-585-5337email Robert Millsap
Moriyasu, MikioSenior Library Specialist
Rm 114
801-581-5282email Mikio Moriyasu
Mortensen-Hayes, AlisonLibrary Services Coordinator, Interlibrary Loans
801-581-5282email Alison Mortensen-Hayes
Mossbarger, StephenProgrammer / Analyst
Rm 107
email Stephen Mossbarger
Nunn, SamanthaProject Manager, NNLM Region 4
801-587-8082email Samantha Nunn
Patterson, BrandonTechnology Engagement Librarian
Rm 28
801-585-3563email Brandon Patterson
Paulsen, NicoleWeb Designer
Rm 107
email Nicole Paulsen
Salmond, CamilleInformation Resources Coordinator
Rm 107
801-585-3627email Camille Salmond
Sandberg, SherelynOffice Support Coordinator
Rm 103
801-585-7535email Sherelyn Sandberg
Sawyer, SuzanneProject Coordinator, NNLM Region 4
Rm 108
801-587-3487email Suzanne Sawyer
Schvaneveldt, NenaAssociate Director for Education and Research
Rm 211
801-587-9258email Nena Schvaneveldt
Smoot, CarminDigital Publishing Coordinator
Rm 107
email Carmin Smoot
Soehner, CatherineExecutive Director
Rm 104
801-581-5071email Catherine Soehner
Steidinger, ShawnAssociate Librarian, Clinical Services
Rm 208
801-585-6744email Shawn Steidinger
Strawley, GeorgeLibrary Engagement Specialist, NNLM Region 4
Rm 111
801-581-5242email George Strawley
Strohmeyer, PeterSenior Web Designer and Supervisor, Web Tech Team
Rm 107
email Peter Strohmeyer
Tester-Kamaunu, TeriAnnIT Specialist
EHSEB 3100
email TeriAnn Tester-Kamaunu
Thelin, MikeMultimedia Cataloging
Rm 107
801-585-2737email Mike Thelin
Thornton, ElaineAssistant Director for the History of Health Sciences
Rm 213
801-581-4067email Elaine Thornton
Van Der Volgen, JessicaAssociate Director, NNLM Training Office
Rm 212
801-581-4704email Jessica Van Der Volgen
Weiler, JeffComputer Technician
EHSEB 3100
801-213-3526email Jeff Weiler
Williams, JamiaNational Consumer Health Program and Assistant Librarian(Clinical), NNLM Training Office
email Jamia Williams
Yang, RobertMultimedia Professional
EHSEB 3600
801-581-4622email Robert Yang

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