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Our Service Philosophy

We are committed to providing the highest quality service. We are here to assist any person who seeks our services, and to provide instruction and access to information through the wealth of print and electronic resources.

As a user-centered library, we treat people with dignity and respect. All questions are valid and answered to the best of our ability.

In order to accomplish this:

  • We acknowledge and address the person respectfully and in a timely manner.
  • We respond to information requests positively and proactively.
  • We strive to be honest, fair and non-judgmental in responding to requests.
  • We respect the need for confidentiality.
  • We offer creative solutions to unique service requests.
  • We acknowledge stated problems and work towards a solution.
  • We utilize our colleagues' skills and knowledge to provide excellent service to the best of our ability.

- February 1999

Our Mission and Vision

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