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Presentation Formats

Submission Deadline

All submissions must be received before January 8, 2007. When using the online submission form, you will automatically receive a confirmation that the materials have been submitted. If you have not received e-mail confirmation within 5 working days, email  Later submissions can be considered after February 20 if they fit into the program.

Notice of acceptance/rejection of proposals will be made via email no later than March 15, 2007. If you have not received information regarding acceptance/rejection by March 15, 2007, please contact Suzanne Stensaas.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstracts submission instructions are given on the abstract submission page.  We ask you to fill out a form and then attach your MS Word document.  Abstracts should not exceed one page, if possible.  Margins, font, size and formatting are all described.

View sample asbtracts:

If you are unable to submit your file via the abstract submission Form, please contact


General Notices

All presenters must pre-register for the meeting, as attendance is limited, and all meeting participants are expected to pay a registration fee. (Pre-registration materials will be online in March.)

Exceptions: Keynote Speakers and the principle person leading a Pre-workshop will receive a free registration to the conference, as will a limited number of participants from the host institution.

Reduced or complimentary registration fees may be available for presenters from developing countries, and for students. Contact Suzanne Stensaas for information.

Criteria For Selection

  • Clarity of statement
  • Availability of evaluation or result of approach, novel technology
  • Originality/Innovation of approach, technique or technology
  • Prospect for general Interest, general use, or adaptation for use of approach, technique or technology

Decide on your Preferred Presentation Format

(We will try to accommodate your request but the program committee will make the final decision).


The pre-workshops will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. They may be half-day (3-4 hours) or full-day (7-8 hours with break and lunch). Please indicate the preferred length and type of workshop in your submitted abstract.

Attendees will pay an additional fee to register for pre-workshops. Therefore, pre-workshop abstracts must be explicit.  Pre-workshop abstracts must include, at minimum, a very clear statement of objectives, an outline of the workshop or content, a statement of benefits that will come from participation, the intended audience, and, if necessary, a list of prerequisite skills the attendee must have in order to participate. There are two types of Pre-workshops:

  • Hands-on practical work or training
    These will occur in computer labs. Please list the maximum number of people that you can manage in the session in your submission abstract.  The maximum number of registrants that can be accommodated shoud be stated.
  • Lecture/DemoTutorial
    Tutorials with interaction and questions from the audience, but with no hands-on computer training, will occur in small classrooms with wireless internet connectivity available Each room has a PC computer with ethernet connection built in. There is also connection for your personal lap top.

Pre-workshops are not venues for commercial promotion of products.

Auditorium Presentation

Auditorium Presentations are short demonstrations of innovative techniques or technology or presentations on evaluation studies. They are brief (15 + 5 min. discussion) to accommodate as many presenters as possible.

They occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning, and are attended by all registrants in the auditorium. There are no concurrent sessions. Mac and PC computers, ethernet connectivity,  and projection will be provided or you may bring your own.

Auditorium Presenters must register for the meeting.

Please note: There are always a greater number of excellent submissions in this category than can be accommodated. The program committee may, therefore, ask you to present instead electronic or paper poster or demonstration (see below). These are not considered of lesser value, and actually provide more time for you to discuss your work in depth with participants.

Breakout Session

These sessions are offered on Thursday and Friday during lunch, and attendance at each typically runs from approximately 10 to 30 people. There are usually 8 sessions to choose from each day.

Breakout Sessions are informal Question and Answer sessions focused on a topic, and are one hour maximum. The content may be broad and philosophical (e.g., cognition and software design) or specific (e.g., Java, XML). Introductory remarks (10 minutes) from the Breakout Session facilitator typically start the session to provide focus. We encourage you to suggest a topic.

No computer or projection is provided, wanted or needed. The idea is to talk and share ideas, not demonstrate. We encourage write an abbreviated abstract focusing on the topic, issues, questions you plan to open with and who the intended participants would be.

Box lunches are provided during the Breakout Sessions to take to a session of your choice.

Breakout Session leaders must register for the meeting.


Panels explore contrasting views on current issues. Panel sessions are intended to provide diverse perspectives on approaches, questions, methods and/or applications in medical education.

Lunch time panels run for 45 minutes, and are comprised of 2-4 panelists, including the lead author, who typically acts as panelist/moderator.  Occasionaly longer panels are proposed for 2-3 hrs later in the afternoon Wednesday-Friday.

All panel participants, including the moderator, must register for the meeting.

Paper Posters, Electronic Posters and Electronic Demonstrations

Each Poster/Demonstration will be exhibited on Thursday OR Friday afternoon for 3 hours. The sessions allow extended discussions with interested attendees. Attendees circulate through the exhibit areas and talk informally with individual presenters. Presenters are expected to be at their table for half the time during the 3 hour block. (This allows presenters to circulate as well.) Posters and electronic demos are in the same area.

There are three types of Posters/Demonstrations all in the same area:

  1. Paper Posters exhibit data about items such as the evaluation of a Web site, learning methods, and student performance, as well as allow the presenter to display results (e.g., graphs, charts, conclusions) in detail.  Poster boards are 4 feet high and 8 feet wide. Push pins are provided.
  2. Electronic Posters with computer include a poster board, table, chairs and your personal portable computer.  Poster boards are 4 feet high and 8 feet wide.  Push pins are provided.
  3. Electronic Demonstrations include a table and chairs for you to demonstrate your project. It is the same as option 2 except with no poster board. (Please submit as an Electronic Demonstration if you do not need a poster board. We have to rent them!).  You provide your own laptop.

Those presenting Electronic Posters or Electronic Demonstrations should bring a laptop. There will be wireless Internet connectivity.  Ethernet is also available if more speed is needed or you do not have wireless. Please advise ahead of time.  A limited number of laptops, including tablet PCs, are available for loan if you do not have a lap top.

All presenters must register for the meeting.

Special Interest Group Meetings

Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings may be held during the Breakout Sessions, after 5:00 pm or evenings. These are informal discussion sessions. If you wish to start a SIG, or hold a meeting for an existing SIG, do NOT submit an abstract. Instead, please communicate directly with She will add it to the program and book a location.


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