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Abstract Format and Submission

*** Call for Abstracts.***

Abstracts must be received by JANUARY 8, 2007. Abstracts should be submitted electronically. If this is not possible please contact suzanne.stensaas@hsc.utah.edu.  Late abstracts will be considered if there is space in the program.

Submit your abstract here.

(go to a page that describes the types of presentation formats.)

Abstract Format 

(See summary below; for complete instructions click here.

  1. Each abstract should be 1 page in length.
  2. Format and printing size must be 8-1/2" x 11" which is slightly different from the European size.
  3. Printer font should be 12 pitch or point and Times Roman (this font).
  4. Margin settings:  Top margin=1 inch; Left margin= 1.5 inch; Right margin= 1.0 inch; Bottom margin= 1 inch.
  5. Figures or illustrations, if used, should be incorporated as jpeg, tiff or gif files.


Abstract Content

View sample asbtracts:


  1. Title should be typed in BOLD, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on the first line. The title should be centered. If the title is too long, then it may be extended to the next line.
  2. Authors’ Names should be double spaced after the title. The presenting author should be the first author listed. The line should be centered.
  3. Presenter/Demonstrator/Speaker’s Affiliation including city and country should be single spaced and centered after Author's names.
  4. Presenting speaker’s Address, email, website, phone and fax should be at the bottom of the page.
  5. Other contributing authors’ affiliations and addresses, if different from the presenting author may be included as footnotes at the bottom of the page.
  6. Abstract Text should include:
  • Summary or Focus of three to five sentences explaining WHO (what audience) would benefit from your demo, poster, presentation, pre-workshop, or breakout session and WHAT is novel or innovative about the information being presented. Who might benefit from doing/using this approach.
  • The summary can then be followed by an introduction, if appropriate, details of your project or approach along with any evaluation data. 
  • Include appropriate references to websites or papers that will provide the participant with further details of the methods or results.  If your submissions is about software or a website please state if it is available for others to use and how and where to find it. 
  • Section Headings should be Bold capitalizing the first letter.
  • Paragraphs. Do Not Indent Paragraphs. Leave one blank line between paragraphs.
  • Figures can be inserted. Converting color images to Gray scale images will reproduce best in our black and white program. However the posted web abstract can be in color.
  • References should be collected at the end of the abstract.
  • Acknowledgements should be included as a separate line after the reference section.



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