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Beginning in 2014, the Evidence Based Practice Council of the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics (UUHC) has sponsored a poster fair that encourages employees and students to share projects and research initiatives.  This poster fair is open to any University of Utah Healthcare employee who has led a quality improvement effort in their department and wants to share their story.

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1 3CG PICC Tip Confirmation Anson, Amanda; Draper, Tami; Lloyd, Brooks Use Sherlock 3CG Diamond TCS technology as an alternative method to chest X-ray and fluoroscopy for PICC tip placement confirmation in patients when relying on a patients' ECG signal. It helps navigate the PICC to the superior vena cava and position the [...]
2 Mental Health Simulations Using a Standardized Patient to Provide Dimensional Learning for Undergraduate Nursing Students Hadley, Joan; Tuero, Joanne Using Standardized Patients (SPs-hired actors) trained to model mental health disorders can boost nursing students' confidence in performing mental status assessments, interviewing skills, and therapeutic communication.
3 Using a Modified Early Warning System (mEWS) to Improve Antibiotic Administration in Cancer Patients With a Sepsis Diagnosis Peters, Charli To determine whether a calculated mEWS score on admission vital signs quickened recognition of sepsis and thus decreased time to antibiotic administration in septic patients.
4 The Impact of Diffused Essential Oil on Staff's Emotional State in an Endoscopy Lab Kime, Amie; Mallard, Teri; Fang, John C. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of the essential oil, Bergamot Citrus bergamia, on the endoscopy clinical staff at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and University of Utah Hospital. The second goal of this study is to identify whether a [...]
5 Inpatient Rapid Response Team: Creating a Standardized Approach Dougherty, Desiree; Eshleman, Liz; Schulof, Stacy; Barton, Vanessa; Higbee, Taresa; Huston, Zachary; Ryujin, Jaclyn Evidence-based literature supports Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) in the inpatient setting. The existing Rapid Response Team was under-utilized, had inconsistent responders, and was not evaluated for performance improvement purposes.
6 Assessing the Use of Rituximab in Hospitalized Neuroscience Patients: a Retrospective Analysis Carey, Jessica R.; Sederholm, Benjamin H. There is no current FDA indication for the use of rituximab in autoimmune neurological disorders. A growing body of literature supports the use for rituximab in Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Neuromyelitis Optica and related conditions.
7 Pregnancy Care ECHO: Facilitating Physician & Midwifery Pregnancy Co-Management Holloman, Jordan; Willis, Leah; Box, Terry; Clark, Erin The care of pregnant women is managed by an array of providers at University of Utah Health Care (UUHC) ranging from Certified Nurse Midwives to Maternal Fetal Medicine obstetricians. This continuum of care options give patients a variety of choices in how [...]
8 Pediatric Immunization Rate Increase Project at Two University of Utah Clinics Coriz, Garon; White, Charles; Jones, Kyle Bradford; Cochella, Susan; Chestnut, Robert; Whetzel, Jacob The decrease in morbidity and mortality through the use of immunizations has been one of the greatest public health accomplishments in history. We strive to continue this trend. The eradication of smallpox through vaccination shows its great potential, [...]
9 Survey of Microbiology Education in Nursing Brooks, Alexa; Doig, Alexa; Durrant, Robert; Buxton, Rebecca; Fenn, JoAnn The purpose of this study was to survey nurses regarding their microbiology education and to determine the importance of specific topics and skills in current nursing practice.
10 Burn and Soft Tissue Injury ECHO:An Innovative Approach to Educating Interdisciplinary Teams Keough, G; Box, T.; Willis, L.; Cochran, A. The University of Utah is the only academic health care system in the Intermountain West, with a 5 state catchment area. The University of Utah covers the largest contiguous geographical area of any burn center in the nation and accounts for approximately [...]
11 No-Suicide Contracts Alsup, Courtney Suicide among Veterans continues to be an issue of great importance and one of which different aspects of treatment are involved. One treatment is "contracting for safety" which is a contract between a patient and clinician or nurse. No-harm or no-suicide [...]
12 Benefit Associated with Implementation of a Core Respiratory Therapist Team in the Neurocritical Unit Campbell, Sumi; Hallin, Kirsten; Hawryluk, Gregory A Core Respiratory Therapist (RT) Team was organized in 2015 to execute the Neurocritical Care Unit Ventilator Protocol and to improve responsiveness to the unique needs of neurological and neurosurgical patients.
13 Huntsman ICU Patient Hand Hygiene Protocol Murphy, Cara; Marsco, Lawrence Patients' hands are not routinely cleaned and have potential to harbor infectious microbes that could lead to hospital acquired infections (HAIs).
14 Successfully Implementing Bedside Report on an Inpatient Medical Oncology Unit Pendergrass, Mikka; Wright, Melissa; Haymond, Jessica; Dailey-Hansen, Amanda; Klein, Helen; Nilsson, Deana; Banner, Melissa Report is the transfer of responsibility, accountability and authority for a patient and their care from one nurse to another. Bedside report is the concept of giving report to the incoming nurse in the patient's presence; bedside report should include an [...]
15 Improving Chlamydia Screening Through Universal Screening at Madsen Family Clinic Wecker, Joel; Thaller, Tobi; McNamara, Sean; Locke, Amy Beth; Paisley, Ted; Hastings, Katherine Chlamydia is a small gram negative bacteria, not much larger than most viruses. Operates as an intracellular parasite that tends to like columnar epithelial cells of the mucous membranes (commonly causing onjunctivitis, cervicitis, and pneumonia). The most [...]
16 Diabetic Foot Exams: Making The Assessment a Part of Clinic Flow Clark, Ann; Curran, Shaun;Wood, Lauren Wood; McAdams, Erin; Traylor, Katie; Black, Michael; ; Tsosie, Kyesha; Vrondos, Holly; Alfors, Margaret; Navas, Barbara; Schofield, Sara; Saffel-Shrier, Susan; Kiraly, Bernadette; Sullivan, Erika Increase the rate of diabetic foot or lower extremity exams by 50% from baseline in all type 2 diabetic patients at Sugar House Clinic seen between November 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016.
17 Transitional Care Management: A Quality Improvement Program Tran, M.J.; Selden, Melissa; Litchman, Michelle; Karren, Bethanne Primary care providers (PCP) in private practices can have patients at multiple inpatient facilities (hospital, behavioral health center, or skilled nursing facility (SNF)) at any given time. Each in-patient facility has their own electronic health record [...]
18 Standardizing Follow-Up Visits as an Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure Control Baird, Greg; Fortenberry, Katherine; Houchins, John; Riley-Burnett, Sarah; Abbey, Rebecca; Rolls, Joanne; Gunning, Karen The prevalence of hypertension is greater than 25% in the United States. Our intervention did not change the scheduling or completion of follow-up appointments, suggesting that more intensive interventions than flyers and announcements are required for [...]
19 OB Team Training: Teaching a Team of Experts How To Be an Expert Team Fisher, Janet; Meyer, Kim; Iher, Nikole; McAfee, Kristina; Stehlikova, Zuzanna; Tenort, Bernice; Clark, Erin; Lin, Stephanie;Monson, Martha; Cohen, Susanna Every delivery that occurs in the hospital is a multidisciplinary event which may involve obstetricians, family medicine, nurse midwives, anesthesiologist, nursing, support staff as well as newborn nurses, respiratory therapists and pediatricians,
20 Implementing Field Activation - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Improve First Medical Contact to Balloon STEMI Protocols Cornachione, Kristen; Young, Dawn; Owan, Theophilus Improving first medical contact to balloon STEMI protocols takes a multi-disciplinary approach that extends beyond the hospital. It is important to have high quality data to drive subsequent quality improvement initiatives. Using such data assists in [...]
21 Improving Blood Pressure Control for Hypertensive Patients at a University of Utah Family Medicine Residency Clinic: A Continuous Quality Improvement Project Helms, Erin; Najmabadi, Sakineh; Prince, Victoria; Li, Marlana;, Ortiz, Ana; Langell, Lisa; Boutet, Jovana; Miller, Jacob; Hill, Brian; Jones, Jessica Uncontrolled home blood pressure is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular events, stroke, and all-cause mortality, independent of office BP [USPSTF]. By implementing a process for initiating home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM), we hope to [...]
22 The Implementation and Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) at an Academic Medical Center: Creating a Hospital-Academic Partnership Wilson, Barbara; Austria Gigi; Banner, Melissa; Trujillo, Carrnina To develop and implement a comprehensive program that facilitated EBP projects and nurse-initiated research in a large medical center through the formation of a strong academic-hospital partnership. With the guidance of two PhD-prepared nurse researchers, [...]
23 What is the Best Practice for Preventing Venous Thromoembolism (VTE) Including Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in Cancer Patients? Lloyd, Jennifer; Chen, Yunying DVT has been the one of the most common secondary medical complications when a patient is in hospital. Oncology patients have complex etiologies that greatly increase their risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). DVT is a critical condition because of the [...]
24 Radial Access in STEMI Patients-Is it taking too long? A comparison of Radial against Femoral access for Door to Lidocaine, Lidocaine to Sheath, and Sheath to Vascularization times in STEMI Patients Cornachione, Kristen; Owan, Theophilus Use of radial access in cardiac catheterization procedures has been shown to have positive impact on reducing bleeding risk, but also lengthened procedure times. We compared two years of STEMI patient data to see if using radial as our default access has [...]
25 Improving the Discharge Process to Address Readmission and Nurse Satisfaction Gubler, McKell This project reviews and evaluates literature related to improving the discharge process. It also describes plans to implement a new nursing role to enhance the discharge process on HCH5, Huntsman Cancer Institute's surgical specialty floor.

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