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“Through creativity and imagination, we find our identity and our reservoir of healing.”

Project Art Heals Utah is a collaborative mosaic art project using empty COVID-19 vaccine vials, clean healthcare waste from University of Utah patient care areas, and physical and virtual mementos donated by those that have suffered loss due to COVID-19. 

Utah is the epicenter for the project, but it is all-inclusive for anyone feeling compelled to contribute.

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1 "Operation COVID-19 Anesthesia Dunkirk" Talmage Egan, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Utah I am truly grateful for all that was accomplished by our department members during this very difficult and tumultuous time. "Operation COVID-19 Anesthesia Dunkirk," the name we attached to our department's response to the pandemic, called upon all [...]
2 2020 Multi-Faith Calendar Collage Chaplain Saundra Shanti I pulled the push-pin out of the plaster wall in my office and took down my 2020 multi-faith calendar. As part reflection, part act of aggression, I cut it apart. How could I collage these images, shapes and numbers to represent my own experience? I work on [...]
3 A plastic chicken to honor my father, Keith Poehlmann Anonymous #760; Keith Poehlmann I am submitting this plastic chicken to honor my father, Keith Poehlmann, to be included in the Art Heals Utah project. Keith was a U of U alum and his family had a chicken hatchery on State St. in Salt Lake City for a number of years. Keith loved his time [...]
4 A temporary loss of empathy HCW I've worked in healthcare for almost 20 years. Over the last two years I felt my empathy slipping away. It was scary. It was sad. I'm donating the rainbow off my crocs as my physical memento to symbolize my temporary loss of empathy and to symbolize the [...]
5 Albuterol Anonymous #2105 A dropbox submission at the U of U Hospital.
6 April 28, 2020 Anonymous #1314 A moment of beauty and calm during a tumultuous spring.
7 Canoe Life Emily Izzo Like so many others, the pandemic renewed my old hobbies while introducing me to new hobbies. For a while, it seemed like being outside was the only safe thing to do, so during that first pandemic summer my partner and I bought a new-to-us canoe from a guy [...]
8 Carole Sue Dornbusch Donna Rae Carole Sue Dornbusch. 12/24/40 - 1/4/22. Carole died of a blood clot due to COVID-19. Carole lived everyday shining the light of Jesus. She died in HIS name and is now at eternal peace.
9 Collection Kit Anonymous #2005 The weekly COVID-19 sample collection became a ritual of sorts. Enter two-digit number on the pin pad to get a kit from the vending machine. Find a solitary space. Open bag and spill contents onto a lap. Spit or drool and let the funnel carry saliva down [...]
10 Dedicated to HEALTHCARE WORKERS near and far… Emily Hagn, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Utah My physical memento donation is my badge holder. It pictures a stethoscope looped into a heart. It was a gift from the University of Utah years ago. I dedicate it to HEALTHCARE WORKERS near and far. I acknowledge the suffering you have seen and [...]
11 Dental Floss Jonathan Hagn I bought the cheap stuff the first time I went to the store during lockdown because that was all they had. I thought: "How long could it possibly last?" I never expected two years.
12 Dinosaur Anonymous #1545 The kids love seeing the dinosaur fossils at the U's Natural History Museum. Once COVID hit, we stopped going. It seems like a trivial loss, but it was our go-to family activity. How strange to feel scared of going to a museum. Fortunately, we made some [...]
13 Dropbox Memento: "Be Kind" Anonymous #2031 Four Grateful Dead mementos reminding us to "Be Kind"
14 Dropbox Memento: Bow Anonymous #2094 Dropbox submission at the U of U Hospital lobby.
15 Dropbox Memento: Cat Anonymous #2075 Physical memento from U of U Health dropbox: "Thank on so much for doing this. This will help with some closure and ability to move forward."
16 Dropbox Memento: Fitbit Anonymous #2079 A Fitbit physical memento to go in the final mosaic COVID-19 art piece!
17 Dropbox Memento: Hand Sanitizer - Pain Relievers - Heart Anonymous #2085 Physical mementos submitted at the U of U Hospital dropbox.
18 Dropbox Memento: Healthcare Volunteers Anonymous #2037 Three pins placed in the U of U Hospital dropbox that demonstrate an incredible commitment to healthcare volunteerism and community service.
19 Dropbox Memento: Lock - Token - Money - Shamrock Coin Anonymous #2077 More great dropbox physical mementos for the final art piece!
20 Dropbox Memento: Pins Anonymous #2064 Physical memento pins collected from the U of U Hospital Lobby Dropbox.
21 Dropbox Memento: Pins - Stocking - Keychain Brandon Patterson Freebies, buttons, and pins I'd receive during conferences seem like so long ago. I found that I would fidget with them during Zoom meetings trying to imagine the day when I'd meet face-to-face with colleagues again.
22 Dropbox Memento: Ring - Car - Animals Anonymous #2109 Submissions from the U of U hospital dropbox!
23 Dropbox Memento: Spring Skiing Anonymous #2029 Photograph memento from the U of U Hospital dropbox.
24 Dropbox Memento: Surfboard - Shells - Glasses Anonymous #2066 More physical mementos for the final art piece!
25 Dropbox Submission: Angel Wings Clip Anonymous #1852 This angel wings clip physical memento was dropped in the memento dropbox at the U of U hospital lobby.

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