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University of Utah Health Sciences is revolutionizing academic medicine.

At the center of our success is the purpose and inspiration for our work: patients. Yet the unrelenting pace of change and the growing complexity of the health care landscape threatens our ability to satisfy the expanding needs of our patients. In this environment, our organization has an opportunity to further evolve our ability to exceed patient expectations & become a health care system that we are even more proud of, for our friends, our families, & our community.

Building on the remarkable success and engagement of our faculty, providers and staff, we are challenging each to Imagine Perfect Care. How can each individual, team, and unit further improve our health care system by re-imagining the entire clinical care delivery system from the patient’s perspective?

This is a collection of journals, presentations, and posters produced by the Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Imagine Perfect Care is University of Utah Health’s unique approach to innovation in health care, envisioning health care that is patient-centered, always adapting and responding to patients’ evolving needs.

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