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In 2013 Dr. Vivian Lee, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, Dean of the School of Medicine, and CEO of the University of Utah Health Care (UUHC), initiated a program to encourage adoption of Lean throughout the enterprise. Leaders from around UUHC were trained by the School of Business and then commissioned to identify problems and recruit teams to frame the problems, develop and implement solutions, and report on the financial and other impacts.

Lean is not a single methodology, but rather a set of principles and techniques for process improvement. These strategies center on maximizing value to the user and minimizing wastes or inefficiencies in time, effort, talent, or money.

One outcome of Lean projects are A3 templates. The UUHC project A3 templates have been collected and are presented here for you to use and apply.

What is an A3 template?

An A3 report is on an 11 x 17 inch piece of paper outlined in structured sections. The structure depends upon the type of A3 and the needs of the situation.

An A3 often consists of these sections:

  1. Background
  2. Current Situation & Problem
  3. Goal
  4. Root Cause Analysis
  5. Action Items / Implementation Plan
  6. Check of Results
  7. Follow Up

The report is used to standardized and simplify report writing, proposals, status updates, and other communication.

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1 A LEAN Application in Documenting Patient Education Darrin Doman; Jean Shipman; Erica Lake; Madeline Araya; Alisha Richins; Jessica Van Der Volgen 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
2 Improving the Intake Process/Re-engineering Public Affairs & Marketing Stephen Clark; Jesse Colby; Brian Gresh; Dennis Jolley; Michael Mozdy; Christopher Nelson; Kathy Wilets; Elizabeth Winter; Dr. Glen Schmidt; Jonathan Naylor 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
3 Improving Percentage of General Surgery On Time First Start Cases in Operating Room Brad Rockwell, MD; Smitha Warrier, MD; Doug Giddings, MBA; Ivy Zawalski, RN; Betsy Bradley, RN; Laura Downey, PA; Tyler Rockwell, BA 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
4 Gallstone Disease Management through the ED Kathy Adamson; Toby Enniss; Kevin James; Richard Kiser; Michael Mallin; Scott Morris; Ram Nirula; Collin Prasad; Scott Richardson 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
5 Optimizing Surgical Safety: Time Out Project (TOP) Cherisse Davis RN; Ken Johnson MD; Michael Juretich; John Langell MD; Ting Liu MD; Joshua Negley BA; Brigid O'Holleran MD; R. Lor Randall, MD; Meic Schmidt, MD 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
6 Improving the Discharge Process for Normal Mothers and Newborns on the Maternal Newborn Care Unit (MNBCU) Karen Buchi, MD; Julie Shakib, DO; Jennifer Vanhorn, MD; Terrie Dority, RN; Christine Pettit, RN; Marjorie Putnam, RN; Rita Aguilar, RN; Erika Lindley 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
7 Access for New Patients to see a Urology Provider David Ray; Debbie Miller; Ashlee Argyle; Jennifer Salter; Blake Hamilton 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
8 APC Kaisen Edward Nelson MD; Leigh Neumayer MD; Katie Russell MD; Victoria Serpico APRN; Cori Ward MBA; Mary Mone RN BSE; Joanna Lynch PA-C 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
9 To Reduce the Number of Unnecessary ECGs Ordered and Performed in the Pre-Op Clinic of Anesthesiology Department Terry Anderson RN, BSN; Amber Bledsoe MD; John Langell, MD, PhD; Sathya Vijayakumar, MS; Ivy Zawalski RN, BSN; Josh Zimmerman MD 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
10 To Improve and Better Coordinate the Transfer of Critically Ill Patients from Outside Facilities to the University of Utah Health Science Center Estelle Harris; Julia Beynon; Rachel Sheets; Jordan Holloman; Spencer Steinbach; Jamie McCormick; Alexander Colonna 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
11 Utah Population Database Access Jennifer Logan, PhD; Michael Varner, MD; Jahn Barlow, MPA; Nicola Camp, PhD; Liz Joy, MD; Barry Nangle, PhD; Ken Smith, PhD; Nan Stroup, PhD 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1
12 Tracking CME Courses Karen Anastasopoulos; Carmina Lu; Kim Mahoney; Renae Hanson; Trisha Veenema; Richard Pater; Brad Halvorsen; Jack Dolcourt 2013 Lean Project Repository: Cohort 1

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