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Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library (NOVEL)

NOVEL (Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library) is a discipline-specific, open access repository of digital materials (images, video, lectures, articles and animations), to be used for educational and research purposes by health care professionals, educators, patients, and students.

Biomedical Informatics Data Science

Biomedical Informatics Data Science for Health Summer Program

Co-taught by Brian E. Chapman, Ph.D. and Wendy W. Chapman, Ph.D. the University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics Boot Camp introduces participants with little or no experience in programming, statistics, or scientific computing to the foundations of biomedical data science.

Waiting For the Next Shoe to Drop

Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop

Healthcare in the US is in the midst of dramatic reform driven by unsustainable healthcare costs. To maintain the missions of clinical care, research, and education, academic pediatric departments must plan for change.

LEAN Project Repository

Lean Project Repository

Dr. Vivian Lee initiated a program in 2013 to encourage adoption of LEAN throughout the enterprise.



Healthi4U was an innovative competitive program from 2015-2017 for interdisciplinary student teams at the University of Utah.

GaPP Lab, CMI Uof U Health

GApp Lab Wrap Kits

Every semester at the University of Utah, approximately twenty students from the EAE (Entertainment Arts and Engineering) / MGS (Master Games Studio) program are selected to work in The Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab (The GApp Lab), a collaboration between EAE, the Center for Medical Innovation and the Eccles Health Sciences Library.

Surgical Sim Lab

Surgery Sim Lab Recipes

The Surgery Sim Lab is part of the Utah Center for Innovation and Simulation in Education (U-CISE) is an American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institute (ACS-AEI)

Evidence Based Medicine Poster Fair

Evidence Based Practice Annual Poster Fair

Beginning in 2014, the Evidence‑Based Practice Council of the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics (UUHC) has sponsored a poster fair that encourages employees and students to share projects and research initiatives.

Extreme Affordability Conference

Extreme Affordability Conference

Extreme Affordability is a regional conference hosted by the University of Utah to develop a clear and undisputed rally point for those redesigning the systems and processes by which we deliver value in health care.