Digital Publishing and Creation Services

EHSL Digital Publishing and Creation Services

The Eccles Library Digital Publishing service supports the activities of the University’s faculty, researchers, students, and library staff by publishing, organizing, displaying, preserving, securing, and providing access to digital resources. The Digital Publishing site provides access to information, including scholarly output, curriculum support materials, digital collections, historical records, and other digital objects that provide enduring value for scholarly endeavors. The Eccles Library offers a wide array of publishing, archiving and media creation services. Please review the list below and contact us if you have questions regarding our services.


Archives – Archival services – Collect, digitize (if needed), publish on digital platform, organize, display (History of HS, T&D, Graduate projects, etc)

Publications – Digital Publications – Publish digital versions of serial publications (Medicine Man, Rubor, Illuminations, Utah’s Health, etc)

Educational platforms – Create learning objects with specific educational goals, collect, peer review, publish on digital platform, organize, display, combine with gray literature and archival materials (optional) (NOVEL, CORE, Derm)

Exhibits – Create pictorial exhibits on specific events, topics or individuals (EHSL 45th, HWWM, WIM, Hashimoto, etc)

Creation Services

Tree of Hippocrates Education Studio – THE Studio has technology that enables students, staff and faculty to produce podcasts, lecture capture, live streaming, and mobile recording.

VR Hub – Virtual Reality equipment is available for experimentation, play or production. A specialist in the lab can assist you setting up the equipment and playing some of the unique apps and games specific to the health sciences.

Video Services – The library maintains a digital video-audio studio with equipment for capturing, editing, managing, and distributing a video library that will provide both live and stored video content. The main purpose of this facility is to provide opportunities for faculty to create educational opportunities in digital video format.